Gartner estimates that "By 2021, more than 70% of business users will be substantially provisioned with cloud office applications."1

The biggest advantage of the cloud – ease and speed of deployment – can also be its biggest pitfall. It is all too easy for business units to purchase a cloud application or spin up a VM in a public cloud environment without the help or knowledge of IT.

IT leaders are losing visibility of technology usage across the enterprise and are exposed to unexpected cost overruns.  In order to reassert their role as enablers and influencers of all technology usage and spend, these IT leaders need 100% clarity into cloud usage.

Meet experts from Snow at the US ITAM Review conference and we can reveal how to:

  • Discover exactly what SaaS, IaaS and on-premise software and infrastructure is in use across the enterprise 
  • React quickly and support the business IT needs
  • Prepare for audits with detailed analytics of your estate
  • Use advanced analytics to effectively plan and budget, avoiding wasteful cloud spending such as unused SaaS subscriptions and zombie VMs.
1 Gartner, Current State of Cloud Office and What To Do About It, Jeffrey Mann, November 2016

Date: September 27-78, 2017
Location: University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Register for the event with ITAM Review here. If you have already registered, grab a coffee over a 15 minute meeting with one of our Snow experts today.
Customer Speaker
James Milburn, IT Asset & Configuration Manager
Vistra Energy

Building a SAM Program from the Ground Up using Snow Software

James will discuss how having the right tools in place to support the people, process, and policy is essential to containing costs and providing efficient Software Asset Management. From starting out in a world of spreadsheets, James will discuss how using Snow Software has brought a view of SAM that was never available previously. The discussion will center around the cost reduction and cost avoidance that has been a result of more efficiently harvesting unused licenses, avoiding unnecessary spend at time of renewal, and being proactive to mitigate negative audit outcomes.

Claus Uwe Hodum
Manager SAP R&D, Snow

Claus Uwe Hodum has been working in the SAP environment for 15+ years. In 2012, a totally revamped product was introduced and developed by Claus, today being Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software.

Joachim Paulini
Developer SAP R&D, Snow

For more than a decade, Joachim has specialized in SAP. Joachim is the technical architect and chief developer of Snow Optimizer for SAP Software.


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