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Cloud Management strategies for the ‘new normal’

Secure & cost-effective cloud management

The shift to remote working has meant that many organizations have accelerated their journey to the cloud, ramping up public cloud consumption to provide business continuity and operational efficiency.

Solid cloud management strategies need to be adopted to protect organizations from sprawl, waste, and over-provisioned resources, whilst also providing vital governance.

Jesse Stockall, Chief Cloud Management Architect at Snow Software, explains to The Register’s Tim Phillips, how IT organizations need to adapt to provide flexibility and access to innovative services while still protecting the enterprise and keeping costs in check.

Listen to the webinar on-demand to learn more about:
  • The role of IT pre-2020 and how it has changed forever
  • Secure and cost-effective cloud strategies for IT leaders
  • How to implement cloud management strategies that are flexible enough for the future.
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Jesse Stockall
Chief Architect, Cloud Management
Snow Software

Jesse Stockall is a proven cloud leader with over 20 years of industry experience, currently serving as the Chief Architect, Cloud Management at Snow Software. Jesse previously spent over 12 years leading the development of Embotics' award-winning cloud management platform, which was acquired by Snow in December 2019. Jesse’s passion for modern software development includes active participation in local Agile and DevOps communities.

Tim Phillips
Business and economics author, researcher, and broadcaster
The Register

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28 February 2019

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